If We Don’t Start, We’re Never Going to Win

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In my garage sits a 1970 Chevelle my parents bought for me at the age of 14. Everyone said it would go by in a flash; time, that is, not the car. They saw my future in themselves but how could I have known to take it to heart. I’m turning 46 this year, have been married for 23 years and raised two kids. Like many kids I’ve seen recently I graduated high school not knowing what I wanted to do with my life so I took a job sweeping floors and delivering parts at my girlfriend’s (aka future wife) father’s business. This morphed into a 27-year career in sheet metal fabrication, culminating in a project management role for the last 20 years.

The Wonder

While I’ve always been within sight of the Cascades and would occasionally go hiking, snowboarding, and water skiing, it wasn’t until recently that I felt a shift of purpose to do something bigger. Last summer I took my son and daughter separately on three-day section hikes of the PCT. During these hikes we saw plenty of thru-hikers and managed to get in some great conversations when our campsites coincided. The wonder, sense of freedom, minimal living, physical challenges, and happiness furthered my desire to take on the whole PCT.

The Reflection

With the career plodding along and not providing a sense of accomplishment, having a successful marriage, and two kids gone who have their lives and heads on straight, my thoughts came back to that car I received so many years ago; 32 years in fact. Wow! I’ve always said that I would do a full restoration but no time ever seemed to be the right time. Our life events took on more immediate importance than that material thing. This is completely understandable; raising the family is priority.  However, now I can begin to reflect and see a new future or phase in my life. That phase does not include one day seeing my life in the way I see my teenage chariot; I am now that important thing.

The Awakening

Thus was born a decision to take a chance, change the doldrums, and however illogical it feels quit the career. With the support of my amazing wife I’ll head out on my PCT adventure. If you are reading this it may ring true, and you may have already made that course correction in your life after reflecting on times gone by. You may be that twentysomething seeking direction, in which case this was meant for your eyes. Take it to heart because time will pass quickly. Take care of your family, and put less stock in materialistic things in exchange for a thick photo book of life experience.

“If we don’t start, we’re never going to win.” John Schnabel


15 thoughts on “If We Don’t Start, We’re Never Going to Win

  1. Your going to see some amazing things on this journey. Can’t wait to hear the stories. Wishing you the best and knowing you can handle this.


  2. What a fantastic adventure you’re about to enjoy! You’ve prepared well but think about all the surprises you will find just around the next bend in the trail. Be safe and have fun😉


  3. Mike I can imagine this journey will strip away all that isn’t important in life. We are on earth such a short time and this opportunity for self reflection is truly special. The busyness of life crowds out introspection and time to make such a beautiful trek. I pray for:
    Your safety and endurance
    Strength for Kelly while you are away
    A closeness with God
    Healthy feet 😂
    And to have as much fun as possible!! Be well my friend, Kathy 😎


  4. Mike,
    Reading your post made me think back to our time together hanging out in Yakima and how far we have come since that time. I hope that this trek brings you everything you are hoping it does and serves as a fantastic starting point for the next phase of your life.


  5. Already miss you Mike. Hoping today’s journey is a great one.. A SAFE ONE… One day at a time…. Have a great and beautiful day. Hugs


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