Day 44, 644, partial resupply in Lake Isabella to 653.4

Today would be a short 7mile hike to Walker Pass and a 45 minute hitch into Lake Isabella. I hadn’t intended to detour but I’m finding more hunger within me now so my food supply would be borderline to reach Lone Pine another 90miles away. Kennedy Meadows general store at 50 miles away didn’t seem like it would have the selection I wanted plus being overrun with hikers.

We stood for about 15 minutes and a car pulled up. The driver Billy Goat (his Trail name) had done the PCT last year and knew how difficult it was to get a ride from here.

Once in town it was grocery shopping and then an all you can eat pizza,salad and soup for $9 even!! Fortunately there was a transit bus that goes over Walker Pass, we nearly missed it standing at the wrong bus stop 40 yards away.

Budlight was able to catch up having left later than us in Tehachapi. He’s a fast hiker.

Raised hiker armpits =no bueno. I felt sorry for the few local bus riders! One local said she hadn’t seen the bus this full in the 10 plus years riding.

This is my high calorie comfort food “snacks”, some of it’s heavy but oh well! Hey there is an avocado and split peas. Turns out split peas don’t agree with me anymore 😔.

We got back on trail and found a site 2 miles in with east and western views. Perfect cowboy camping time, yes it got windy so we stood our packs upright at our heads to deflect it.

Shout out to:

Penguin for picking up my trekking poles and 2 pairs of socks! I swear getting to towns throws my observation skills out of whack!

Yes Man, for using his rental car to shuttle the group around and getting us to the bus on time! He has left the trail for 2 weeks, I hope we meet up again. With 2000 miles left anything is possible. Great guy, check out his clothing business here.

Dr. Doran, for reminding me to brush & floss! Tell your crew hello for me.

Ryan for sending an inspiring photo! 😁

Wifey Kelly! For all you do on the home front! I know it’s a pain to get these resupplies together 🙄 but you’re doing great!👌💗💗

Noah, it’s almost HS graduation time! So excited for you and what’s ahead. It has been amazing watching you play soccer, WV will surely miss you.

Riley, state patrol graduation is coming soon! Really proud of your accomplishments and looking forward to being pulled over by you lol! Wish I could be there for you and Noah’s graduations!

Happy Birthdays going out to Jose and David! Have a great day you guys!🎁🍺


6 thoughts on “Day 44, 644, partial resupply in Lake Isabella to 653.4

  1. Our crew is actively following your progress. When I saw the pictures of your snacks I was thinking FLOSS! Love the pictures and you are kicking ass. Keep it up!


  2. Following your adventure Mike!!! All I can saw is WOW how lucky to have this opportunity in your life. You are living the life!! Safe travels


  3. Hike on Mike, live out your Bucket List, life is short and U never know when your ticket will get lunch – Enjoy!


  4. Wow Mike, those are gorgeous pictures. I know this next part is gonna be a huge challenge. High altitude. Good luck and take care. You do a fantastic blog…… Hugs !!!


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