How often do our stories begin with goodbye?

The alarm goes off at 1:30am Saturday, in 3 days we will stand at the precipice. The night before was a mix of second guessing, weighing gear, what can be cut what should be added, and assembling resupply boxes for the first 4 weeks on trail. It was all pretty much dialed but you know how it goes.

Above is the bulk of my gear at approximately 14lbs.

By 2:00am Saturday morning Kelly and I we’re driving to Seattle for a 6am flight to San Diego. As we are boarding my ticket gets scanned and a red light flashes (ugg!), the agent motions me to their booking counter. Kelly was boarding ahead of me and got the green light. Turns out Alaskan chose to separate us so that a family could sit together. Some aggravated conversation already ripe with emotions ensued with the agent but to no avail, looks like we won’t be together on this leg of the trip😔.

We spent the next 2 days at a casino/hotel about 30minutes from the PCT Southern Terminus. We even made it to see the movie Blockers at an actual drive in theater! Memories of the Nobhill Drive In started coming back.

I’ve spent some time thinking how to describe the last leg of this trip. The anticipation has been building for 6 months, everyday closer adds a definite degree of stress on many of us. If you know Kelly well you know she is a resilient and selfless person. Throughout this Pre-PCT journey is no different.

We arrive at the trailhead where a PCT official greats us. After some pleasantries and picture taking, its come to goodbyes. We both cry, it pains me to she her this way, after all it’s my fault! The embrace, the tears, all the above emotions aren’t something I can recall having in our marriage, this is different, and hard to explain further. Here is to my amazing wife.


2 thoughts on “How often do our stories begin with goodbye?

  1. You’re right about Kelly. She is a rock for not only you but for us all. Don’t worry though, we’ve got her and we will be her rock while your on your journey. Safe travels


  2. I’m glad you left out the part about the TSA being called to remove me physically from the flight attendant! God that would have been embarrassing. Thank you for the wonderful compliments from miles away! I told you this morning that I would be counting down days instead of months until you are home as I’m not good at waiting; let alone 30 days to mark off one month.
    On my side of the emotional turmoil involved, what can you do when your loved one has a dream and even though it pains you to see them go you know you have to let them. He didn’t even mention I told him at the hotel to put his pack in the closet as I felt like a jealous wife as the pack was going to be his life for the next several months. Gone a few days and already missing free opportunities to tease me!
    I miss you, I love you and I promise the following: 1) Not to break any bones, 2) Not to burn down the house, 3) To keep the animals alive and finally 4) To love you even though we only get to talk every few days! (you know how I like to talk).
    Just remember everyday in is a day closer to your goal! You got this!


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