Day 17, 205.7 to 223.7

Today was back to the desert terrain and across Hwy 10 between Cabazon and Palm Springs.

Here is the underpass of Hwy 10.

The cardboard is for everyone to write something. This is the one I signed.

Mom and Dad drove 4hrs to pick me up for breakfast this morning as well. A quick 10 minute drive into Palm Springs did the trick and again I became suddenly aware of my nomadish good looks. It was really good to have them drive here, thank you parentals!! Love you❤️

I was back on the trail by 10:30 and soon decided to take a break at the Mesa Wind Farm for a bit over an hour. They have a shady spot and ice cold water for us since it’s about another 7miles until the next water.

Mesa Wind Farm maintenance office. Each wind turbine generates enough power for 30 homes.

Yay on to Section C of the PCT.

I ran into a little 14″ rattler while doing some off trail business, check my Instagram for a video of that fella.

At about 6:00 I made it to the Whitewater River here’s more. I’ve decided to change my routine regarding eating habits and breaks. At least for the time being I’ll be having dinner between 4-6pm, preferably closer to 4:00. I know this isn’t really unusual from back home standards but I have a difficult time stopping to take breaks, I just want to push ahead. Having dinner at 4:00 allows me time to hike before camping and one less task to do plus no added food odors in camp that would attract pests. 👍

These are drilled holes in a rock next to the trail. I call this “Trail Builder Frustration” or some sort of reverse brail message, chess maybe? Whoever did this is laughing at me now.

8:00 sunset.

Same 8:00pm eastern moon high over Palm Springs and my place to lay down for the night. There were no tent sites near me when I decided I’d had enough so another cowboy camping trail bed it would be.

When I went to bed it was a little breezy but a bush on either side of me blocked it ok. As the evening progressed the wind went away but my nose was very stuffed up all night and woke several times with a dry mouth. Completely clear skies and a warm night, so warm at times I had to keep part of my quilt off.


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