Day 64, 931.2 – 951.1

6/12/18. 20.1 miles

Today I overslept, when I woke up Nocello was gone. I caught up with him about 10:00. The mosquitos are thick today. Fortunately my pants and shirt are tight enough knit that they aren’t bitting through. No cell service today.

Nocello and I stopped at the Tuolamne store for a burger. While standing in line I about passed out in front of 10 customers, maybe I locked my knees not sure. Fortunately Nocello was nearby and I signaled him to come over to place my order so I could get outside quickly to sit in the shade.

Lembert Dome above.

Above is a building over Soda Spring. I took a scoop with my hand, wow is it carbonated! Just a wierd feeling from water out of the ground.

I have a new appreciation for bridges having waded through, balanced on logs or rock hopped so many creeks.

Yosemite has a good trail building budget apparently!

Tuolamne Falls.

Can you figure out where the trail goes?

Tomorrow we’re getting up at 5am to get over Benson Pass.


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