Day 126 – 127 2294.9 – 2320.4

Today we’re taking a zero in my hometown of Yakima and as with all town days we have tasks to complete. Task #1 or rather a bucket list item is to visit a Walmart! This is the first time either Bud Light or Black Hole have been in a Walmart and they are amazed at the interior size of the building. 

The Bakery section is a hikers delight!!

Below: Words can’t do justice for the groans of pleasure being able to have a reclining chair (that’s padded!), pizza, a cold beverage, laundry and showers all at the same moment! We are all extremely grateful to Steve and Linda letting us use the house! Although I’m in my hometown I didn’t want to go to my own home. I thought it best to stay away, I just wanted the first time back home to be the final end of this trip.

Below: Witnessing a handicapped hiker utilizing available resources at Fred Meyers, lol!

For breakfast I took them to Waffle House where they decided not to try the Ironman Challenge because we also planned a trip to Miners Drive-In. You must plan the timing of digestion to get the most out of our food tour :). This includes nap time with Muggsy below.

Tonight Kelly and I had dinner at the pub with friends and family. Thank you all for coming, it was a blast seeing you all after these months away! I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures!

Day 127  8/14/18

2294.9 – 2320.4   25.4 miles

Today Kelly dropped us off back at the fire detour where it crosses highway 12. We were soon climbing this old steep trail about 2-3 miles until it connected back to the PCT. I’m now in familiar territory as I’ve hiked this section to Chinook Pass twice before.

Below: The smoke will be a usual sight for awhile I think.

Another Q&A for Troop 3616, Mia writes:

How tiring is it after one day and do you miss your family?

Hi Mia!

On my very first day back at Campo I walked 20 miles to Lake Morena. This was probably more miles than I should have done on my first day. When I arrived at Lake Morena campground and finally laid down to sleep my legs started to cramp. Cramping is caused by dehydration or over use of muscles. I can say now that both happened to me that day. Even though I had walked a lot before starting this hike nothing I did in training could compare to actually walking the trail in the desert heat. At the time I thought I was drinking enough water but I was wrong.

Now that I’ve been hiking for several months my muscles have adapted to the weight of my backpack and climbing hills. I’ve learned how much water my body needs based on temperatures, distance between water sources and how much climbing there is. As time goes on it has become easier but I wont forget that first day as being the one that tired me out the most!

As for your second question, Do I miss my family. I definitely do miss them and my friends but I know I will see them soon. I planned this hike to take about 5 months and we will be seeing each other at a few places along the way which will be great! Also, my family and friends wrote note cards of encouragement that I carry with me to keep my spirits up!

Thank you for the questions Mia!



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