Day 130 – 131, 2370.8 – 2413.8 Snoqualmie Pass

Today we’ll get into Snoqualmie Pass to see Kelly,Morgan, Korin and my sister Jenny for breakfast. Morgan will be joining us for the next 70 miles to Stevens Pass. This morning was very foggy, so much so that it was raining under the trees from the condensation. I do enjoy days like this, the forest is quiet and eerie feeling.

Above: This cone shaped spider web caught my eye, I may not have seen it without the fog condensation on it. Spiders like sculpting mountains!

Below: “Walking towards the white light”…The clearing ahead is for a high voltage power line. The cracking and humming noise this power line is making had me stop to assess the situation. The fog so thick I couldn’t see the power lines, the sounds were so close I thought I’d be shocked.

Above: I may need to do a blog post specifically about Leave No Trace (LNT), this was at a forest service road crossing where a fire pit was set up. There was human waste on the ground and toilet paper all about! Rocks used to cover something up? This was sad to see, LNT is not a difficult task. I plan on going back to clean this up and discard the fire pit.

Below: Interstate 90

Above: The first view of Snoqualmie Pass Ski area.

Above: I believe I have the names correct Everest(Left), Seeker(Back), Groover & Pace Car. Doran & Mary Riehl gave some trail magic to them in the Elk Lake/Bend area and I finally caught up to them here, I had to get a picture for you Doran.

Above: To lazy to get up out of my chair, I’m holding my phone far above my head for this shot, Ferrari looking at me like…..”?”

Below: The view of asphalt piles from my bed tonight, the thrifty side of thru-hiking is finding non-traditional places to sleep. The parking lot surface was to hard to use tent stakes so I used chunks of asphalt on the guy lines to halfway pitch my tent. Peanut Feet uses a bivy to sleep in and Black Hole’s tent is free standing so they had no issues.


Day 131, 8/18/18

2393.1 – 2413.8 20.7 miles


Above: Kelly with the resupply truck 🙂 and me putting in my old insoles I forgot in Yakima, 100 miles on paper thin insoles was getting tough. We were up and to the restaurant by 7:00am, the breakfast was great and made even better when Jenny whipped out some trail magic and bought for everyone! THANK YOU Sis! Below: Jenny and I.

Below: Morgan and I.

Below: This sign is reassuring!! and how many years does it take for the tree to grow over that wooden sign?

Above: The Kendall Katwalk where the PCT has been cut into the side of a rock cliff. To bad the views are obscured by smoke.

We did 20 miles today from 9:30am, to come out on day #1 and knock out 20 miles Morgan was a champ!


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