Day 136 – 137, 2482.5 – 2531.5

Day 136 8/23/18

Last night there were about 7 tents set up at the campsite but surprisingly a good nights sleep. Usually with so many around there is someone snoring and our luxury air mattresses squeak like hands rubbing a balloon. Not a whole lot happened today although right away I could tell we might actually get some smokeless views!

The terrain gets more similar to the Sierras each day it seems.

Below: Those using the metric system are trying to prank us haha, 4000 kilometers = 2485 miles. There have been so many people from overseas, I really need to learn the metric system.

Below: Huckleberries, Huckleberries and more Huckleberries! We stopped numerous times to graze the isles of our personal grocery isle lol.

Above: Lunch time and my luxury meal of Triscuts, Peppered Salami and Laughing Cow Cheese PLUS I packed out a beer from Leavenworth.

Below: Peanut Feet caught up to us again, he’s fast!

Day 137. 8/24/18

2506.5-2531.5 25 miles

The morning mist from last nights drizzle, its looking to be a chilly overcast day. I know that soon my shoes will be wet from brushing by wet plants. Today’s elevation gain is going to be about 8400 ft and 25 miles to our intended campsite called Dolly Vista Trail Camp. The green tarp below is Peanut Feets, this is only the 7th time he has used it due to rain.

Below: Not trying to be antisocial with others but I enjoy facing the door of my tent towards the views whenever possible. In this case the small valley and hypnotic sounds of a stream below.

Looking ahead at the elevation profile for the rest of the trail, today is likely one of the last long climbs so I pushed myself harder than usual. The climb was 5 miles long, 3,000ft gain and I finished in 1.5hrs. I was pretty pleased with myself 👍 , ate 2 dinners tonight and fell asleep easily lol. Tomorrow we will enter the Bannock Lakes detour at Cloudy Pass junction. Weather is definitely changing, it looks like overcast skies for a few days and wet socks😑.


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