Day 2, Lk Morena to Cibbets Campground 32.6

After a disappointing night’s rest I begrudgingly stepped off my picnic table bed and went about making breakfast and figuring out how best to stuff everything into my pack. Also on the agenda is getting water resupply which is a daily activity. Water is a high priority for us now. Lake Morena has evidently had water bacteria problems in the past so I filtered and added chemical treatment.

As I packed up, 5 of last nights turkey’s decided to show off and strut through camp like a boss. Funny to see them with not a care in the world.

Back on trail now by 7:00 and see 6 vultures in a dead tree each with their wings opened up towards the sun. At first it looked ominous like there should be a Bates Motel nearby. Then about 100yards later I swear I heard a fan blowing but it was a bee hive in a hollow part of a tree. The bees were all over the opening, face level and 4feet away from the trail. I looked around for an alternative route but there wasn’t one so I strolled on by as normal as I could to not attract attention.

The rest of the day was leisurely with about 12 miles total.

Passed through an old helicopter crash site, apparently it’s difficult to locate all the unexploded ordinance and instead use a sign!

Cibbets Campground


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