Day 3, Cibbets 32.6 to Mt Laguna and Pioneer Picnic Area 52.6.


20 miles today. Early 6:30am start today as the trail passes by the town of Mt Laguna with a general store. Weather was in the mid 40’s with high winds most all day. Mt Laguna reported a 56mph gust today which would coincide with my Instagram clip.

I arrived in Mt. Laguna at 11:45, what a treat. The front of the store has a full length porch, blocked from the wind and facing the sun. I picked up a motel size bar of soap for $2.50(yikes!), a cup of coffee and a pizza hot Pocket(deeelish).

Mt. Laguna store

Before I knew it 3hrs passed and time to get back at it, 2:45. I’ve no set plans on where to camp, I’ll just stop somewhere close to sunset which happened to be Pioneer Picnic Area. It was about 7:30pm and the place is deserted. The rest of the group I’ve been leepfrogging with either stayed at the Mt Laguna campground or went up trail about 5miles behind me. So as far as I know I’m alone for a 5mile radius tonight.

For some reason I had shiveres, not like I was cold but kind of. I think that since I arrived later and went to bed with only a light snack, I think that my body was starving for fuel. On day 1 I had legs cramps at night due to dehydration. It’s interesting getting to know how the body is affected by strenuous activity in this environment. I now know that I can go 20 miles on 4 liters in 85 degree heat 👍.


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