Day 4, Pioneer Picnic Area 52.6 to mile 68.4. Trail Magic!


Yesterday put me about 2hrs ahead of the group that stayed behind at Mt Laguna. I was taking it slowly today due to a nagging knee pain so by about 10:00 the group passed me. They informed me that there was going to be Trail Magic ahead.

When I arrived at Sunrise Pass I was met with hamburgers, hotdogs, home made potato salad, pop, beer, ice cream and actual chairs to sit in. Funny how sitting on a hard chair is blissful now.

From lower left clockwise (double checking my notes!) Scarf (a hiker who’s friends Tom and Tina and himself coordinated this Magic), Verde(he likes green and is from Marysville Wa), unknown, Yesman(owns his own niche clothing company, Brett, unknown, Kevin and couple Morgan & Henry from Bellevue Wa.

There are alot of hikers and names to remember. Made even more difficult when you see them in passing and my memory for names is poor as well so taking notes👍.

Out of view in the picture adove is a large water tank. This is the last water source for 17miles so packing up another 9 lbs of water it is. I left with a full belly and about 6miles until camp. Was a short mileage day but worth it for my knee and belly! Later Morgan ended up letting me borrow a knee brace! The trail provides!




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