Day 5, mile 68.4 – 77

On trail by 7:00 as it will be another 80+ degree day. My next resupply is at Warner Springs mile 109 so I was hoping for a 20 mile day. Scissors Crossing (mile 77) is a water resupply point under a bridge that is maintained by Trail Angels. This is also a highway junction to the tourist and hiker friendly town of Julian. If this water cache wasn’t here it would be 31 mile stretch we would be up against.

I arrived to Scissors Crossing at 11:30 to find about 50 gallons of water👍. I rested for a few hours with Morgan, Henry and Yesman who came in after me. I headed back on trail at about 1:30, peak of the heat and an 2100ft climb. I noticed my nose getting dry earlier and no more than 1/2 mile up the hill I blew my nose and blood was running. I immediately knew I had to go back to the shade of the bridge and cool down. It took a good hour for it to stop bleeding. In the end I decided it best to camp at the bridge and get up early for a cooler climb.

Better luck tomorrow, as for now 8:30pm I’m cowboy camping under a highway bridge with mice running about lol, should be interesting. Nite!


2 thoughts on “Day 5, mile 68.4 – 77

  1. Glad you went back😉 But barbecued mice? Maybe next time💀Tomorrow will be better for sure! Stay cool(as much as possible) and watch your back trail.
    Love ya


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