Day 6, Scissors Crossing 77 to Campsite/water source 101

Last night was restless under the overpass as I cowboy camped. My radar kept going off listening for mice chewing on my things, chased a few away. Coyotes also came close, it’s really interesting how well they communicate and the range of calling they do.

Today ended up being a 24 mile day from 6am til about 6pm and started off with a 2100ft 14mile climb.

The next water is a cache called 3rd Gate 14 miles from the highway.

3rd Gate Water Cache with pallets of new Costco Water. This is provided for free to hikers but I contributed to the donation pot.

Came across this snake who wasn’t interested in moving, I’m not certain what kind he is.

After the water cache was another 4 miles of climb and 6 downhill to the next water source . I decided to cowboy camp again, frogs at the trough making their music and a wild turkey decided to casually stroll by about 20ft away on her way to get a drink. Bats also diving into the trough for drinks or maybe bugs on the surface. How do such small frogs make such big noises!

💯 miles down. Tomorrow Warner Springs for a shower, food resupply and overall recovery for my nagging knee pain.


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