Day 7, Campsite mile 101 to Warner Springs Recreation Center 109.

4/16/18 7:15am Start.

Today was an active yet easy mileage day in the sense of it only being 8 miles but yesterday’s 24 mile day didn’t help my knee issue. All of that 8mile was slow going trying to not aggravate things more than necessary.

Eagle Rock

One of the highlights for this section is a photo opportunity on top of Eagle Rock. I’ve seen so many photos of this over the last 6months researching and reading PCT blogs it’s a little surreal to be here now. I’m really rocking this photo! Haha.

A view of the surrounding area approaching Eagle Rock. I enjoyed these rolling pastures, cows mulling but not close enough to chat with.

I arrived at Warner Springs Recreation Center at about 11:30. This is a major stopping point and significant hiker friendly town. The amenities include bucket showers & laundering, hiker hut which is a building to hang out in to charge equipment and has a pool table, there is a mobile Ultralight Gear Equipment Shop in a converted camp trailer and field to pitch tents with clothes lines.

Gear supplier called “2 Feet Adventures”. I purchased a new pair of shoes and a compression knee brace so I could return Morgan’s brace (a fellow classmate married to Henry, not my son Morgan….. although hello my son Morgan 😁)

Tent area which probably has 20 or so set up tonight. The winds are gusting and rain clouds looming.

A two stall shower; shampoo, soap and 5gallon bucket provided. $1 for a towel and $1 for a few ounces of liquid detergent. I hadn’t showered or laundered for 7days!

After all my shopping and cleaning was finished it was time to head to the post office to retrieve the package Kelly and I dropped off last Saturday. Just so happened that someone shouted out “does anyone need a ride to the post office!”, perfect timing.

I returned with the package and took all my gear into the hiker hut to sort out my belongings.

This building is about the size of a large 2 car garage with a kitchenette, couch, tables and chairs. Mostly hikers are charging and catching up on those things that phones do.

After a few hours a hiker named M&M brought in bread, deli turkey & ham, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, avocados and potato salad. She said help yourself! Evidently she is paying it forward. So I didn’t pass up a free food opportunity!

The gal in the green is M&M, Morgan & Henry in the lower right. My gear on the floor back left👍.

Soon after some local school kids came in and announced a $7 fundraiser dinner in the school cafeteria just across the street. Enchiladas, Bean’s and rice for dinner it is!

Morgan and Henry to left. The guy to the right is a local Gene Docey, a retired teacher. Among many stories he told during our meal was one of working with a group that wants to donate the necessary items to form a rocketering program for students to learn about building rockets up to about 20ft tall. Given recent Space-x explorations this would be a great start for kids interested. The Mohave Desert has an area were recreationalists can launch rockets. Alot of great old-timer advice and stories. He was happy for hikers doing this trek as it will be eternally remembered by each of us.

Oh, he ended the stories with telling of his friend who had a mountain lion as a pet. One day this friend asked if he would like to wrestle with a 150# mountain lion. The lion had been defanged and declawed. Gene put on heavy military coat and pants, not sure how old he was at the time of this “experiment”.
His friend said to get down on all fours then proceeded to call out ” here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty”. Soon the cat came around, the friend said “now start crawling”, lol! The cat saw it’s prey(I mean toy) and like any domesticated cat crouched down low, tail wiping and eyes dialated then pounched on Gene. Great Gene thanks for the story headed into Lion territory!😁

And with that it’s time to call it a successful day. My tent in the left forefront. Hopefully the rest, new shoes and brace will be a good combo.


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