Day 8, Zero

This morning I woke up with condensation on the inside of my tent. This is partially due to pitching the bottom of the tent directly on the ground so that last nights wind wouldn’t grab it. Typically, my tent is 4-6″ above the ground with a mesh perimeter in order to allow air flow.
Today is for recovery and I’ll head out by 7:00 am tomorrow. It was really hard to sit still! Several of the hikers I met this past week including Morgan and Henry have left already so it could be quite awhile before I see them again. Many others are also suffering with muscle and foot issues and taking a zero here as well.

Idylwild is my next resupply 70miles/4 days ahead and a large hiker town that some plan on taking a zero at. There is also a 10mile section of trail closed due to a fire some years ago. The alternative route around it adds 4 miles. I also need to get my resupply box at the Post office by 3pm on Saturday otherwise I’ll have to wait until Monday. The zero here at Warner Springs is pushing the time line but grudgingly a necessary one.

Tomorrow will be mostly elevation gains of 2200ft in 12miles and staying at Mike’s Place at another 5 miles. This sounds like an interesting place so stay tuned.

Today more trail magic happened, two terrific gals Pam and Jill pulled up in the parking lot here with chips, oranges, bananas, apples, pop, Oreos, peanut butter crackers and iced Little Debbie pasteries. Annette from Alabama was saying earlier this morning how much she wanted these exact pasteries and how she hadn’t been able to find any. Low and behold they appeared in this parking lot!

Not sure if I mentioned it previously but prior to arriving at Scissors Crossing I was wanting a tennis ball to roll my feet on. When I arrived, there was a hiker box, these boxes are where hikers discard items from food to gear. This box had a tennis ball! I’ve heard numerous times how “the trail provides”, and I does!

No I’m not wearing a skirt Kelly! Although another classmate is wearing a kilt made by Mountain Hardware which is interesting to me.

Another lady named Ice was handing out free neck buffs that she made.

Looking forward at the weather report I may be seeing some snow on Thursday at 4700ft.

Fyi, I retracted this post earlier. For some reason it posted but I was still typing… still learning this mobile app.


5 thoughts on “Day 8, Zero

  1. Great progress! Love all the pictures and stories. That Eaglerock was way cool! That care hope your body gets better๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you rested for a day๐Ÿ˜‰! Hope your knee doesn’t give you too much more trouble. Great pics, keep ’em coming! Have a great time on day nine.๐Ÿ‘
    Love ya


  3. Thoughts and prayers for super fast knee recovery… Darn it !!! Just take your time. Disappointing for you to be sure, but knees are important.. hugs and so happy to hear about the ” Trail Angels “.


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