Day 9, Mind/Body turmoil, Mile 109-115.


Yesterday evening the knee swelling hadn’t subsided. It’s really tough being sidelined and watching classmates leave by 6:30am. Still some swelling this morning so I decided to go for a walk to the restaurant about a mile away for breakfast thinking maybe it would loosen up the fluid.
Breakfast was french toast, eggs and bacon accompanied by M&M and Jeff from Canada (his trail name elludes me) who invited me to their table. The test walk went well so noon was the time to get outta here. I packed up said goodbye to a few fellow injured and stuck my head into the office. I let them know how great of services Warner Springs provided.

My objective was to slowly reach mile 115 where campsites and the last water source are for 12 miles or until Mike’s Place. Apparently Mike’s is a residence out in the boonies and they allow hikers to camp there and they make pizza. Sounds like a party venue, we’ll know soon enough.

Met this 3ft guy today, not a rattler. He needed coaxing to get off trail.

My place for the night, small stream Agua Caliente to the left out of picture.

I came upon Dutchie and Nightwalker. Dutchie had helped me take off my backpack at Scissors Crossing when I had the bloody nose and also took a zero at Warner Springs due to an ankle issue. She thought it was ok to proceed but is now questioning the decision. I said that now would be the time to return to town if she is worried. Sounds like she will continue on to Mike’s Place.

Nightwalker does alot of night hiking and also reads alot while doing so. He reads on his phone with the flashlight app running and is looking to get between 25-30 miles tonight. I can’t imagine reading while walking this trail.


3 thoughts on “Day 9, Mind/Body turmoil, Mile 109-115.

  1. Well, I don’t like that snake !!!!! I am glad your knee is doing better. We think about you every day and keep updated with Sis. But love being able to follow these blogs. Stay strong take care of that knee. We love ya Mike.


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