Day 10, 115 to Mikes Place 127.3

Rain was in the forecast today at Warner Springs however by the time it rolled in I was getting close to 5000 ft in elevation from 3376 at the creek last night. The spit of rain turned to freezing rain and then to a small snow flurry. Since waking up this morning the temperature didn’t get above 40.

It was 12 miles up to Mike’s Place and I arrived about 3:00. Now, in a previous post I mentioned this place may be a party venue of sorts. I wasn’t far off, by the end of the evening I counted about 25 classmates camped out here tonight.

This is a Water tank that’s for hikers.

Hmm seems like a legit looking sign let’s go further.

The congregation area under the porch and to wind protected side of the house. Note that the temperature is still at or under 40.

The kitchen

All the tents huddled together!

The main chef Scott and two classmates Ellie(right)and Dirty Dixie(middle). Their PCT hike is a celebration for graduating from Berkeley College, they’ll be continuing to grad school. The girls also pitched in doing prep for the pizza 🍕.

At right is josh the oven tender who had a bit too much fun juice this evening. Well alot to much….Scott had to reel him in, I though it might come to blows! But it didn’t. Sitting next to the oven with the blanket & beard is Scratch & Sniff.
He got the trail name due to the classic pine air freshener tattooed on his inner thigh lol. He’s a great guy and veteran.

Dirt floor kitchen and pizza prep area.

Finished oven fired pizza.

Two couch cushions and a bucket seat pillow was my bed for the sub freezing night. I was toasty in my quilt and blocked from the wind.

Overall a pretty unique place. Beer & pizza, lavatory accommodations out in the sagebrush and a place to pitch a tent. I didn’t get a picture of the toilet area but imagine a wood deck, side by side RV toilets, a large pit below, a 25 gallon barrel of lime and a white metal headboard from a bed behind the toilets…oh and it’s just open to a view while you do your business!! I assume the headboard must be a safety railing lol.

I definitely put myself out there to experience something new!


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