Day 11, 127.3 to 145.4 Muir Ranch/Water Tank.


Today was slow going and long. I got started by 6:30am and walked into Muir Woods camp at 7:00pm having put in 18 miles. My pace is slow, steady and pretty much back of the pack due to the knee, which is not getting worse.

Morning views.

Trail Magic! Cold Coors Light on ice and chips 😍

Trail Angel Chad

This hit the spot at a really good time.

Another water cache @ mile 143.1

This was camp for the night. Many of the same hikers that stayed at Mike’s Place are here tonight. The camp is on the edge of someones property and called Muir Woods. It has a pit toilet and shower shall for sponge bathing as well as a few picnic tables and sun shade. I decided to cowboy camp this night since tent space was sparse and I was just lazy.

Everyone is excited about tomorrow as Paradise Valley Cafe is just a mile off trail and I intend to get some good food!


3 thoughts on “Day 11, 127.3 to 145.4 Muir Ranch/Water Tank.

  1. Following you from NC. So cool, I am envious. I am also following a guy called Cargo…started at bottom of South America going to Prudhoe Bay, Ak. 100 miles to go.Interesting experiences also. Good luck, be safe. Linda Plummer


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