Day 12 and 13, Muir Woods 145.5 to Hurkey Campground via the Spitler Peak fire closure.

This morning started at 7:00 and with 6 miles from Muir Woods to Paradise Valley Cafe I wasn’t in any hurry. I anticipated getting to the Cafe by about 10:30 which worked out.

All of our packs lined up like bikers lol.

It was a bit awkward walking into this Cafe knowing I hadn’t showered in 4 days. I’ve never been in this condition let alone in an establishment before! I’m used to how I smell and honestly can’t really smell much unless I get in close, but I’m sure the other patrons are getting a nose full from all us hiker trash.

This breakfast burrito was humongous and savory! The Paradise Valley Cafe is a must stop opportunity, they were really great to us and even filled our water bottles.

At about noon I was walking the mile back to the trail and passed an older couple walking along the road. They asked a bunch of questions about my hike and wished me luck. Back on trail now and the landscape literally seemed to change from one side of the highway to the other.

South of the highway.

North of the highway, maybe hard to see but it’s a forest like home.

Then huge rock formations, I’m constantly intrigued with the geology. The trail glistens with gold flakes and constantly reminds me of Gold Rush. This rock reminded me of Jaba The Hut from Star wars lol.

This area had a few day hikers and I actually met 2 ladies one from Selah and the other from Bellevue with their younger daughters. The one from Selah took my picture.

A few days ago a horny toad let me pet it! The wierdest moment to just reach out and touch the wildlife when they either run or are poisonous.

After Paradise Cafe it was all uphill 4921 to 6820ft to my campsite at mile 161, I was beat.

DAY 13

Today involves an alternate trail around a fire closure at mile 168.5. In 2013 there was a fire which still causes a detour, more here. The climb from camp to this detour was 7 miles and another 170 of switchbacks. First off however I needed a water resupply at Cedar Spring. This spring is a mile off trail and 500ft down in elevation! A classmate was coming up from there and recommended that I leave my pack if it was just water I was getting, so I did.

A trough at Cedar Springs, very cool clean water, yummy. Back up the hill we go.

I returned to see that someone (I think it may have been Jeremy) placed a rock pyramid on my pack to hold it down, #pranked & gave me a laugh!

Now it’s time for another Highlights Magazine Find the Object. Careful don’t step on it like I almost did!

From the Spitler Peak detour down to the valley floor was 2600ft. I had hoped I might reach Idylwild tonight (6miles more) but it was so slow going I pulled into Hurkey Campground(after 2miles of road walking) at about 6pm and as a plus they had shower’s!!

4 days of dirt, sun and sunscreen

I returned to my campsite to find Humming Bird and Cloud Rider. Cloud got his name because on day a lone clouds shallow followed him away from camp. Humming Bird got hers because they seemed to be around her alot when she liked the Continental Divide Trail. Cloud Rider had hiked the PCT before as well.

The last two days had well over 5000 ft of climbing so I think I’ll rate this as the toughest yet. I’m dead tired this evening.


2 thoughts on “Day 12 and 13, Muir Woods 145.5 to Hurkey Campground via the Spitler Peak fire closure.

  1. Hi Mike, Just want to say, you are doing a great job on your adventure. l enjoy reading your blog. l work with you Mom, she is great lady and l enjoy working with her..
    l will continue reading about your journey. Best of luck and enjoy the hike. Take good care.


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