Day 14, Hurkey Campground to Idylwild.

Today was a short 6 miles but steep up and over to get into Idylwild and alot was road walking.

But first I had to put laundry on the dryer.

How coincidentally the planned route headed me straight to the Idylwild Pizza with the Post office and grocery store within feet of each other. I headed straight to get pizza!

And look who was here! From left, Budlight, Steve, Flipper and Laura, great people 👍. I haven’t seen them for probably 3-4days, they arrived yesterday. I heard that Morgan and Henry are about 2-3 days ahead of us.

Moses appeared for lunch as well. I met him just after the first trail magic at Sunrise Trail. After lunch I went next door to the Post office to get my resupply box. As I sat down to sort through it Moses walked up and reminded me of his offer about the extra bed at his motel! I gladly accepted! The other day I actually walked by him after Paradise Cafe taking a nap by the trail lol.

I moved along quietly to not wake him, it was hot and sleep is precious out here!

The rest of my day consisted of a trip to get a few groceries, getting together my things, washing out water bottles due to so many different tasting water sources and water flavorings and reviewing my maps for tomorrow.

It’s going to be about a 2700ft climb back up to the north side of the fire closure at Saddle Junction mile 179.4. Plus it’s about 2.5 more miles of road walking to Humber Park where a side trail takes me up. I’ve heard hikers say how bad road walking is and now I know, it’s hard on the hips. Why it’s so different than walking on trail I’m not sure.
Tomorrow’s climb is going to hurt with an extra 5 days of food to last until Big Bear City about 70miles ahead. Hopefully I get a good sleep (no mice or critters running about at all hours probing for a way into my stuff).

Also, this town reminds me alot of Leavenworth,Wa. The Silver Pine Lodge is a nice place to rest, here. Thank you for the bed & conversation Moses.


2 thoughts on “Day 14, Hurkey Campground to Idylwild.

  1. Are you sponsored by the Silver Pine Lodge? If you’re not you should think about it. I hope you’re holding up! Glad to see that beard is coming in nice and full. Love you, see you in a month or so.


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