Day 19 & 20, 240 Mission Creek Camp to Arrastre Trail Camp 256 then Big Bear Lake.

Today it’s 26 miles in order to get into the towns of Big Bear City & Big Bear Lake. My intention was to take it easy and break it up into 2 days arriving on Sunday about noon.

Overall the day was uneventful although the trail passes by a private company that trains wild animals for movies. Here is a large bear might be a grizzly(above).

A noticable change in rock. This hill was made of white quartz. The trail looked like rock salt. I’ve been really interested in the geology and rock formations. Amazing to think about how this was formed.

Like this boulder back by San Jacinto, see my trekking pole for scale. Its like this was just recently placed here! Some others like this have yet another boulder on top like someone was stacking stones.

More trail magic, this by Papa Smurf and Mountain Mama. They invite hikers to stay at their house. I didn’t go.

Day 20:

Today is 10miles into town and pretty eady trail elevation to boot. At about 2 miles from the hitchhiking point of Hwy 18 I decided to walk about 30ft off trail to a view point and look at my paper maps. Just so happened to be a couple doing their daily walk and offered me a ride into town!

My companion Sparky(I think) warmed up to me quickly.

My trail angels Robert and Sue, thank you!! They also picked up another hiker named Stormtrooper from Hong Kong. Great people! Now I’ll need to figure out how to get back to my trail exit point…hmm.

My stay for the night at the Robinhood Resort at Big Bear Lake village. Time for a shower, laundry and food!


2 thoughts on “Day 19 & 20, 240 Mission Creek Camp to Arrastre Trail Camp 256 then Big Bear Lake.

  1. Interesting rock formations! That’ll give you something to research when your done hiking😊Hope your stay at the resort gave you a nice rest. Enjoy your posts. Keep up the great progress your making.


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