Day 21, Big Bear resupply and getting back on trail.

Town days are busy getting ready for the next stretch. Big Bear to Wrightwood will be 105 miles or about 5.5 days. Big Bear is two towns, Lake(BBL) & City(BBC). When I planned mailing my resupply package I went with what was closest to the trail. This was a small error now that I’m here. Both towns have their own post offices and separated by only 4 miles.

The motel I stayed at in BBL called the Robinhood Resort happened to be directly across the street from the post office. Today was all about getting my resupply box from Big Bear City, getting another fuel canister, breakfast and getting back to the point where I left the trail.

With check-out at 11:00am I had to get these things going. I found the one restaurant in town that opens at 6:00am and only serves breakfast, The Grizzly Cafe. It was about a half mile walk from the hotel.

The Grizzly Cafe originally opened in the 70’s. Very small hometown feel. I was the first customer and had a good conversation with the cook. The grill below is just to the right of the picture above. You can watch the food being prepared.

The cook Doug and I (above) before I left. I had another breakfast burrito and it was huge just like at Paradise Cafe. Yet another establishment I’d recommend!

Now for a sporting goods store for stove fuel. They were closer but in the opposite direction as the cafe and I arrived right at their 8am opening time. A quick in & out and back to the hotel by 8:15.

Big Bear Lake Village were my hotel was. Lots of shopping and restaurants.

Now for how to get to Big Bear City post office and back with time for me to sort through and pack all my gear. The only thing I could do was start walking the 4 miles and hope for a hitch. As I walked and with thumb out I got a honk! Opps, it was from a sheriff. I now assumed that hitchhiking was frowned upon so for the heck of it I called the sheriff’s office, they confirmed my suspension.

Both cities have a bus system but it looked pretty confusing to me. I noticed a bus stop in front of a grocery store so I went up to see if the posted stop times made any sense. It just so happened the bus pulled up! I asked the driver if this would take me to the BBC post office, sure enough it would!

I was back to the hotel by about 10:15 and 45minutes to pack it all up. This seems like plenty of time but it wasn’t, I checked out at 10:55 and finished sorting items and a final charging of my cell in the lobby. This hotel is friendly to PCT Hikers.

Now getting back to the trail. I made notes of street crossings on the way in yesterday with Robert and Sue. Looking at the bus routes it wouldn’t get me all the way so I’ll have to walk a few miles.

Back on the bus again and some road walking.

In less than a mile of walking a car was headed into town and turned around to get me without even having my thumb out! This is Chris (Trail name IceMan) and his wife Diana. They are Trail Angels and have been watching out for hikers to help out. Thank you!!!!

More trail magic back on trail, I grabbed a Mtn Dew!

A short walk thanks to Chris & Diana I was back to the same place on the trail, 1:45. The weather is forecasting snow so some hikers decided to stay another night in town. I was able to hike about 10 miles to Caribou Creek 275.0 by 6pm and got my tent up, dinner made and all my clothing layers on for the expected low temps. This will be a cold wet weather test for sure. To think just a day before I barely needed my quilt.

What a long and coordinated day it was, glad to be back on trail. Being in town is nice but only for a little while, time is constantly ticking to get to Canada before North Cascade weather turns sour. It seems as though I’m starting to view the city hustle and bustle differently. Part wants to stay for all the ease and comforts but another lifestyle becons.


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