Day 22, Caribou Creek 275 to Deep Creek Bridge 298.5

At about 1:00am the weather man was right, freezing rain/snow started. I had all my layers on except for my wind pants and I was toasty all night. The frustrating thing now is packing up a wet tent and my quilt was also wet with condensation. There’s nothing to be done but hope for a pocket of sun today in hopes to dry equipment out.

I’m finding some inadequacy with my tent selection. Although I love the 17oz weight (Zpacks Hexamid Plus) the size isn’t fitting me well when using my Neoair mattress. My quilt touches one end and my forehead is about 2-3″ from touching the other. Last night I anticipated condensation so I placed a barbage bag over my feet, just enough to keep my bag from contacting the tent. It worked ok but backfired, it still had condensation inside the garbage bag!! Ugg…. Note that single wall tents are more prone to condensation so I did anticipate it but it’s annoying.

Today and tomorrow’s forecast show more of the same so I’m wanting to get as far down in elevation as possible today with no intended campsite in mind. With the weather cool and elevations mildly downhill it should be a good day.

My Guthooks app shows no campsites for 30 miles? This seems really odd but there’s got to be some. At 5:50 I arrived at Deep Creek Bridge where several other classmates were already setup. I found a nice spot on the opposite side of the creek.

Caribou Creek was 7264ft and Deep Creek is 4619ft so I think I’m out of the snow zone and into the rain zone.

Below are pictures of today.

Today also involved more fire closure detours around the Holcomb Fire, here.

A plant I haven’t seen before.

Some more rock features that caught my eye. These look like hands and a giant that’s climbing up the backside of the mountain. The imagination of a child is coming back?

A unique burnt out tree.


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