Day 31, KOA to Hiker Heaven

Today will be a short 10 miles into Aqua Duelce/Hiker Heaven to get my resupply. The next resupply will be Tehachapi about 6days/112 miles away. We got into town about 11:00 and congregated at the grocery store. Some hikers don’t send resupply boxes and choose instead to shop locally.

Tunnel under Highway 14, probably 100yards long.

Above is Vasquez Rock and site of a Star Trek episode and 200 more movies. See more about it here

Grocery store resupply time.

Here are the Lambert sisters from Selah they walked up and excitedly had something to tell me!!. What a coincidence their mother went to school with Tracy Redd(my cousin Lee’s wife).

A local that was sitting outside the Homemade Cafe offered us a ride to hiker heaven, we squeezed into the John Deere!

The mail room in the garage at Hiker Heaven.

My resupply box plus 3 cases of hometown Seneca Apple Chips! They were a hit, everyone loved them but wanted way more calories haha!

Hiker Heaven is a well oiled machine. From the extra cab ford pick-up truck shuttle every hour and a half into town a mile away, send/receive mail, hot showers, guesthouse to watch TV and full kitchen amenities to cook your own food. A definite stop for all hikers for the last 20 years. I’ve heard varying numbers but this year’s class looks to be the highest between 3-4000 hikers I’m hearing?

From left: Snacks, Flipper, Budlight,me,Froggy, Flashgordan, Penguin and Miles to Go.


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