Day 30, 425 to 444 Acton, CA KOA

This is what lunchtime looks like at the North Fork Ranger Station mile 436.1. This ranger station had pop on ice and bottled water due to another long waterless area.

I promised a picture of Miles to go and Flashgordan! Met up with them at the KOA before they got back on trail.

It was another hot day so few pictures today. We made it to the Acton, CA KOA and were able to take a shower, they had a pool(I didn’t partake) and a convenience store where I immediately got a Gatorade and Ice cream bar! Then started eating some food from my pack to get ride of it since tomorrow is resupply at Hiker Heaven in Aqua Duelce.

Tonight we camped just outside of the KOA by a bunch of cotton wood trees, yay! Needless to say my allergies got to me again with the 3rd bloody nose. During my blood letting recovery we had a thoughtful Q&A regarding things like: Who would you have a candid dinner with if you could choose anyone, If you could be famous describe it and describe what your best day would be.


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