Day 29, Sulfur Springs Camp 406.4 to 425

Today I was up early after last night’s trail magic from Penguin and Griffin. Budlight, Flashgordan and I were on trail by 5:30am due to hot weather and a climb.

By about 10:30 we reached the Mill Creek Fire Station at mile 418.5. The only reliable shade was the Ranger Building or the Toilet Building.

From Left: The Scientist(because she mixes food ingredients), Budlight, me, Froggy, Nepolean (from Netherlands) and Snacks. Soon after the shade got to thin and we moved to the Rangers Station.

More flowers, I hadn’t seen this one before.

Meet Froggy’s trail signature, one of the more unique prints with horseshoe heel and four toes. It’ll be short-lived as he will soon be getting new shoes.

This is Poodledog bush, no touchy it’ll give you blisters. It is one of the first plants to bloom after a fire.


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