Day 28, 389 to Sulfur Springs Camp 406.6

Today started with a 4 mile road walk detour due to an endangered Mountain Yellow Frog.

Yay 400 miles down and closer to seeing you❤️.

I hiked along with the group again today. Also, Penguin has a friend Griffin that is bringing some Trail Magic from LA to Sulfur Springs Camp this evening! Thank you Griffin!

From left that’s me if you’re not sure😁, Flashgordan, Snacks, Froggy, Miles-to-go, Penguin, Budlight from Netherlands, Griffin and Flipper. Griffin brought bottled water, chips, guacamole, beer, veggie tray, chocolate, Oreos and wine. A hiker gourmet menu!

All smiles for the camera, don’t be fooled we are sore in many ways and at least for me haven’t showered in 8 days! 😜


One thought on “Day 28, 389 to Sulfur Springs Camp 406.6

  1. Hi Mike,
    So nice to see you with other people. My worried brain always pictures you with bears and puma’s and snakes following you. But this is much better. I am much calmer now. So good to see you except for a minute I thought that other person was you who looks about 16 years old. My first thought was, He needs to come home now cuz at the end of the trail he is gonna look about 3 years old. I am sure some of the days are awfully tough. But you are doing such a good job. We are very proud of you. Take care and be safe and know we are all supporting you every day you are out there. If you happen to run into Bear Grylls, don’t eat anything he gives you. !!! love ya Mike !!


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