Day 27, Grassy Hollow Visitor Center to 389

Last night I camped alone at the Grassy Hollow Visitor Center. This looks more like a day use picnic area and has a large building that might be rentable. There were only two other hikers in the whole facility of probably 50 sites, this may have been the best nights sleep since starting.

Today was a big day, to the top of Mt. Baden-Powell at 9399 ft.

Soon after getting to the summit Froggy, Flipper, Laura (now Penguin) and Snacks whom I hadn’t met before showed up. This was a Sunday and the trail was packed with day hikers and a few ultra runners going to the summit. The ultra runners weren’t just running up but also running down! I thought to myself, I hope they have a knee replacement plan!

After eating at the summit we all left at the same time. I soon found that my walking pace is a bit slower than the rest. Although, today felt really good on my knee so maybe it’s time to go without the brace tomorrow.

This was Little Jimmy Spring flowing out of a pipe stuck in the ground flowing into a cut in half aluminum beer keg. Water flowing from random pipes in the forest puzzles me every time, lol.

From left, Snacks from Chicago recent graduate in accounting, Penguin, Froggy, Flipper and trail angel Sam at Islip Saddle/HWY 2 crossing.

Sam brought cold coke/Pepsi in glass bottles and carnitas with fresh salsa like yours Jose Z, and some chocolate chip cookies. With a very full belly it was up and over Mt. Williamson 8215ft down to a tent site at mile 389.

Standing around watching the sun set out of view but seeing the clouds change colors. This happens in a matter of about 10 minutes. Los Angeles city lights were also visible from here. The group arrived before I did and left a spot open for me! Thanks guys.

Lets paint a picture.

Once the sun had set we were all tucked in by 8:00ish, the normal hiker bedtime. In my quilt watching the sky stars slowly begin to show themselves. To me I imagine each is a needle prick from someone on the other side of the sky. A jet paints a contrail across the canvus. The lights of Los Angeles at our feet. The trees black silloette above me swaying from the breeze. The first satellite floats evenly across the sky. The Big Dipper appears perfectly centered between the trees above me. We are all lined up in our cacoons. Flipper on the end to my right still journalling by headlamp, penguin, Snack, Me and Froggy to my left.

Later in the night a larger sounding animal made some noise but was gone before I lit up my headlamp.

It was a good end to a physical day.


One thought on “Day 27, Grassy Hollow Visitor Center to 389

  1. Your words certainly paint a picture. Love this look into the world you are experiencing. Though I like to imagine you (as we were as kids) pushing the stars like buttons and making our ‘Pigs in Space’ sounds (boop boop beep boop).
    Love you lots, brother!


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