Day 33, Bouquet Canyon Rd 465.6 to Casa De Luna 478.

After a restless night of weather it appears to be more of the same above us today. Turns out it would just be fog, yay! Today would be a short day into Grass Valley and the Trail Angels residence of Joe and Terrie Anderson known as Casa de Luna. The lot their home sits on goes back into the forest where numerous tent sites are cleared. Check out my Instagram for a video of the tentsite area.

Here are the house rules on the large white sheet of paper.

Here is an art station in the front yard where you can paint rocks or broken pieces of concrete pavers.

Here is Flashgordans contribution. All artwork is placed wherever you want it in the back yard and up into the tent areas.

Budlights artwork.

Here’s the serving area for Nachos. Rule #1 Terrie (in the background upper left) makes everyone wash their hands with soap and water before dishing up 👍. Rule #2 no plates over the pots, she watches like a hawk with yardstick in hand ready to swat your butt. This rule is due to people coming through for second helpings and not dropping food back into the pots. I failed at this rule as did many others 😁

Everyone must sign the 2018 PCT banner.

Flipper and I. Another rule is to wear a cool shirt. Mine reminds me of the movie Coming to America with Eddie Murphy.

Everyone (50+people) using the limited wifi. We soon found that Green Valley doesn’t have much cell coverage, bummer!!! Kelly can attest to my frustrations.

There was also an impromptu hiker wedding between The Scientist and The Legend. Many beers contributed and they may never see each other again as the groom put it due to a miles per day differential haha.

Ok it’s time to reveal my trail name that’s been stewing for a few days, “Bazinga”. Many of you know I’m not much of a conversationalist but I listen intently and join in when I have something worth saying. Initially the name was Chatty Kathy but Bazinga seemed more distinguished since some things I seem to add are funny oneliners like Sheldon attempts on the show The Big Bang Theory. His catch phrase is Bazinga.

Signing off,



3 thoughts on “Day 33, Bouquet Canyon Rd 465.6 to Casa De Luna 478.

  1. Mike I am enjoying following you on your journey and glad to see all of your posts. When I lived in LA Wrightwood was a home away from home for me. Being from the PNW we would always ride Big Bear and stayed in a cabin in Wrightwood. Safe travels and great job so far!


  2. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to reading your posts! Keep up the great progress. All the Riehl team is sending powerful hiking energy. Don’t forget to brush and floss. 😉


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