Day 34 & 35, Casa De Luna to Sawmill Campground 498.2

On day 34 we took the day off “Zero” at Casa de Luna. Much of the same activity as yesterday although today would be a record number of hikers coming through at 93 I heard. Can you imagine hosting a fluctuating crowd of 20-93 hikers every night through hiking season! Not to mention neither Hiker Heaven nor Casa de Luna charge for services, it’s all by donation.

Day 35

Today ended up being 20 miles and we were on trail at 8:00am.

Above view of Antelope valley you can see black areas in the distance. These are acres of solar panels!

Above Snacks was sent to the kids table to cook his food behind rocks he harvested himself.

After a few days of less than ideal weather we were ready to cowboy camp again. After some discussion Flipper and Froggy set up their tents and the rest of us set up cowboy. By 9:00pm the wind wasn’t calming down and I was already getting a thin layer of dew on my quilt. So out of my warm cacoon I go to get my tent set up by headlamp in the wind.

An hour later Snacks decided he’d had enough as well. This left the diehard Penguin and Budlight to the elements. In the morning their gear was wet but bags weren’t completely soaked through. It’s been a fairly regular routine of laying bags and tents out to dry at noon each day due to condensation.

Tomorrow puts us into another hiker compound called Hiker Town.


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