Day 36, Sawmill Campground 498.2 to Hiker Town 517.6

The restless nights keep coming whether it’s from rain or wind. Today will be 20 miles to Hiker Town to spend the night and all the way to the valley floor at 3050ft. It also signifies a milestone for the class of 2018 passing the 500 miles mark. Someone placed a goodluck snack for the Hiker God’s.

The song of the day was “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” by The Proclaimers. I have to admit, this was more of an emotional mile stone than I thought it would be. So far I haven’t used my headphones or even played any music until today. I haven’t watched any TV besides what’s been playing in the few restaurants I’ve ate at. Playing this song today as I approached 500 reminded me of home and I teared up. I won’t go into the lyrics here but you should listen to them when you get a moment.

I’ve set up a few tic-tac-toe boards for classmates behind me to complete 😁. I’ll never know who won! Hikers know when we see prime writing soil!

Looking a bit like Yakima?

I think I found the location where the movie Office Space was filmed when they beat up office equipment! Just before getting to Hiker Town

Hiker Town, I didn’t get many pictures but you can see there are several small out buildings. Each has a theme such as the Post Office, School, Sheriff’s Office, you get the point. This gives the feel of a small Western town. These can be rented for $10/night.

This was at noon break, Budlight and I positioned our packs along the cut edge of the dirt road so that our feet were elevated and packs at our backs. Kind of like a makeshift ditch recliner, super comfy out here!

Even though it’s May, I think we’ll still stay on trail! Thank you for the signs hunt club.

Tomorrow is a long road walk along the LA Aqua Duct.


One thought on “Day 36, Sawmill Campground 498.2 to Hiker Town 517.6

  1. Think of you often! Love reading about what you are doing and seeing. All is well here, I haven’t hurt myself once! Loves and keep up the good work!


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