Day 37, Hiker Town 517.6 to 540.3

Today we did 22 miles split between road walking and walking through a Wind Farm. I’ve never been close enough to the large wind turbines we have back home. The best I can describe is that they sound like a jet engine from an airplane passing far overhead. Slightly muffled and with a faint sound pattern of the three huge blades. This is from the wind passing over the blades not from the machine itself.

In the distance above Froggy clouds pouring through a low point of the ridge.

This cloud formation was crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it, Crashing waves.

The LA Aqua duct.

Road walking is pretty boring so for lack of having a can we kicked a rock for half a mile and threw rocks at a post with pack on, which nobody got close to hitting!

Thank you Wind Farm guys!

I bought this pair of shoes in Warner Springs mile 109. With a little over 400 miles on them I can occasionally feel my feet getting sore at the end of the day. My next pair will be in another 200 miles at Lone Pine. This appears to have happened due to my aftermarket insoles rubbing from the inside. Time to do some repairs!


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