Day 38, 540.2 to Tehachapi Willows Rd. 558.3

18 miles today and uneventful really. Plenty more wind turbines and high winds all day. It’s probably wishful thinking in hoping for a quiet nights sleep!

Below is a random trail magic area with a sunshade, chairs and water cache.

It’s been interesting watching the different flowers over the past month. These are about an inch in diameter for scale.

Tomorrow we will be staying the night in Tehachapi for showers, laundry and resupply. It’s been 8 days since I last showered at Hiker Heaven so we are all pretty excited. When arriving at Willow’s Rd we could go ahead and get a ride into town however in 8 more miles is HWY 58 which also goes into town.

The catch here is its a 25 mile waterless stretch from here. So, if we returned to Willow’s Rd we would also have a fresh load of resupply on our back as well. We decided to stay the night at Willow’s Rd and do the 8 miles in the morning to Hwy 58. Overall this saves carrying 4+ pounds of water.

Its going to be another windy night even though we’re down in a valley with trees. Snacks and I set up our tents in order to get some protection, we’ll see.


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