Day 39, Willow’s Rd to Hwy 58 into Tehachapi.

Welp…. another shitty nights sleep but hey I’m happy! All night gusts felt like calculated attempts on over taking my 17oz castle. Maybe I got an hour of sleep after just saying f*** it let it blow down. At 4:00am I’d had enough and started packing my things up. By 4:55 I was on trail by headlamp and managed not to wake anyone else up, well the wind did mask my noises. See my Instagram for a windy sunrise video.

Wow this is a pretty nice bridge for the PCT on wind farm land! It’s made of fiberglass.

We had pre-arranged meeting a trail angel at 9:00am on Hwy 58 to give 3 of us a ride into town. I arrived at about 8:00 and was hoping to get a hitch for the rest of us.

But I found a sign that said to call or text this number for a Trail Angel to come pick you up! Within an hour a ride arrived for Budlight, Snacks and I and the first destination would be Denny’s!!

Budlight is from the Netherlands and his first time in America and now Denny’s. It’s another bucket list item he’s checking off today, very excited.

After filling up on breakfast, Snacks and I walked the half mile to the post office for our resupply boxes. As we sat there organizing our things a gal asked a few questions about our hike and that she does Trail Angel stuff. So I asked if we could get a ride to the grocery store where the rest of the gang were. She said sure!

I was finally able to use my Starbucks gift card at Albertsons from Marcie and Don(thank you for that, after 550 miles it was delicious!) We all finished grocery shopping and arrived at the Best Western at 12:30. Check in isn’t until 3pm but I’m sure that they won’t want smelly hiker trash sitting in the lobby. Sure enough 30 minutes later we were in our room with 6 of us.

Soon shoes and socks came off and it was time to open the window. I wish I had taken a picture of the explosion of hiker gear.

This is Trail Angel Nancy that shuttled us all over town and back to the trailhead. Thank you Nancy.

The hotel had a scale in the gym area! Finally I am able to see what’s going on with my weight vs calorie intake. I’m now at 173 and lost 15lbs. I’m pretty sure I’ve leveled out and making myself eat more.

Snacks and I walked a mile to get a pizza and stove fuel. Got back by about 6:00 and soon it was lights out. Tomorrow we should be back on trail by noon.


3 thoughts on “Day 39, Willow’s Rd to Hwy 58 into Tehachapi.

  1. I hope you sleep better tonight! Love you, think of you often and proud of you! Keep it up! I’ve got it at home. Not as fun without of you but watching you accomplish one of your dreams is well worth a few months of having to do yard work! Be good, loves,


  2. Saw a quote today that reminded me of you – “What you gain by reaching your destination isn’t nearly as important as who you become along the way.” ~ Anonymous

    Love seeing the pictures and reading about your amazing journey!


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