Day 40, Tehachapi to Golden Oaks Spring 583.3 (PG13 ;)

Back on trail, follows hwy 58 for about 3/4 mile.

Leaving behind more Desert! I’m ready for some new terrain šŸ‘

Another flower that made me stop.

I’ve seen very few Horned Lizard’s, but even fewer Horny Lizards! Lol. But seriously, these aren’t as afraid as normal lizards. I’ve actually been able to pet them on 3 occasions.

In the distance weather and mountains are changing. The Sierra’s will soon be underfoot.

Some vivid yellow lichen was photo worthy.

This totally looked like some kind of eruption. Just some more wierd weather coming.

From bottom, Flipper then Snack practicing his Karate Kid moves.

This is our campsite for the night at Golden Oak Spring. Alot of hikers congregate here as the stretch from Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows 130ish miles is very low on water. In the background Penguin is filling her water bladder under the end of a PVC pipe. It flows into a 4ftx8ft concrete trough full of algae.


4 thoughts on “Day 40, Tehachapi to Golden Oaks Spring 583.3 (PG13 ;)

  1. In West Texas we called them Horny Toads. Kids had fun turning them on their backs in their hands and stroking the bellies. Would pretty much paralyze them, the toads that is. Enjoy your posts.


  2. Oh Mike, I can’t believe what a big challenge this is. Just be safe !! I always like to see other hikers on the trail so I know that you are not always alone. Good luck with the mountains. We miss ya and continued prayers and thoughts. as you journey on. Love ya !


  3. Sis was over for dinner last night and JJ and Sarah Sug and Evan. Sometimes I notice a sad little lower lip. I know how much she misses you. But she is so strong and she journey’s on too. I am sure you have a lower lip moment from time to time too. Hugs


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