Day 41, Golden Oaks Spring 583.3 to Robin Bird Spring 602.1

Today wasn’t very interesting in the way of scenery, much of the same desert. Below is an elevation profile which to us is a pretty easy day.

I caught up to Froggy and Flipper having a break together. They are longtime friends doing this Trek. I went on my way after taking this photo, I recognized when friends have the right moment together and went on my way.

Another hundred down!

Front to back on right: Penguin,Snacks, Flipper and Froggy. At left is Patches.

In the photo above we had just finished a Q&A session. This is a common theme to our evenings before calling lights out. The last question or rather an observation of your peers was to cite good traits about each other. I wish I could recite everyone’s answers. What I’m certain of is, I’m very proud of them.

This is a group in their mid 20’s, all have been through college and Penguin is headed to grad school. I’m 46, have gone the trade school route, married and have grown kids. This symbiotic relationship between ages has been great for all of us. Within their observations of each other it’s clear what kind of person they are and likewise what kinds of people they would let close to them.

If we had been graded on our answers this tradesman would have failed plus the fact I’m not well spoken unless it’s writing something to do with a construction contract. Suffice to say I think the group understood where my answers came from however non-poetic they were.

At lights out we concluded this was likely the best evening Q&A thus far.


One thought on “Day 41, Golden Oaks Spring 583.3 to Robin Bird Spring 602.1

  1. It’s not easy to put thoughts and feelings into words. Actions do speak loudly and I’m sure yours say a lot. I hope we get a chance to meet this trail family!


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