Day 42, Robin Bird Spring 602 to 622

A forest service employee stopped to give some snacks & chat!

Above is an unfiltered photo. I looked up to see a Halo around the sun, then realized it was also a rainbow, then saw a lower rainbow between the trees and finally seeing the beard shaped cloud as if pouring from the halo.

I was late to lunch as usually happens. Everyone perched on a rock overlooking the valley listening to Gadget sang and played guitar. Froggy, Flipper and Snacks were all in school band and were appreciating the compositions.

A thunderstorm approaching and we ended up getting rain gear on.

Here is another water cache with probably 20 hikers getting their fill.

Camp for the night overlooking the valley. It’s windy(AGAIN) so my tent is staked tightly to the ground. The sign in front of my tent warns about this being a tortoise habitat and to be non intrusive if


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