Day 47, 699 to Kennedy Meadows 702.

This morning we actually slept in on trail for once! It was an actual short walk today to Kennedy Meadows mile 702!

Arrived at km about 9:30.

It’s been awhile since I chugged a beer at 9:30am but it would be rude to ignore trail magic!

Found Morgan and Henry! And Lambert sisters are here too.

Morgan’s dad brought burgers and beer at 1:00!

Flipper and Penguin showed up and I got my socks left behind in Lk Isabella. Thanks again Penguin!

This is the view walking up to the general store at Kennedy Meadows. Hikers are met with applause from everyone there. It’s a great gesture after 700 miles.

The store has WiFi but it’s about useless with 50 other hikers using up bandwidth. No cell service, no payphone and the facility runs on generator power. So much for catching up on blogging and calling home.

After the burgers and beer by Morgan’s dad I spent the rest of the afternoon napping in my tent. Tomorrow breakfast at Grumpy Bears Retreat and hopefully back on the trail before getting sucked in by civilization. 😁


One thought on “Day 47, 699 to Kennedy Meadows 702.

  1. Congratulations on your progress!! I love all the pictures. Have a beer for me and kick the Sierra’s ass 🙂


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