Day 49, 712.6 to 739.3

Yikes! Last night my silk bag liner was tested with a low of about 27 degrees! It worked well which was comforting going into the high country. The rain and condensation formed a thin sheet of ice on my tent and shoe that where outside where frost covered.

At about 2am some animal was screaming. It was loud enough to carry it’s vocals across the valley. Wish I knew what it was, kind of reminded me of a cat howling when they fight.

I stepped on trail today at 6:40am and stopped at 6:15pm ending with my longest day of 26.7 miles. These shoes are so worn out my feet couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve definitely pushed these shoes about 200 miles to far.

Above, my first encounter with snow and view of the coming mountain passes at lunch.

One of my trekking pole tips wore down enough that the metal tip went up into the shaft. I have new tips coming to Lone Pine tomorrow, almost made it before it failed!

Tomorrow I head into Lone Pine, looking forward to some town food as usual and some new gear!


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