Day 51, Back to trail from Lone Pine. 745.3 Trail Pass junction to Chicken Spring Lake 750.8

Here I am trying my best to be attractive to potential rides. I think Zina behind me will do a better job. We stood here for at least half an hour and I was getting impatient. I decided to walk further out of town to narrow down the traffic going in the direction I needed to go. This ended up being a 3 mile road walk in 85 degree heat before someone decided to offer me a ride.

Meet Rebecca and Ross from Newberry park Ventura county. They were generous enough to drive me out of their way all the way back up to Horseshoe Meadow. Rebecca wasn’t very fond of heights and the twisty road. Thank you both again, you’re great trail angels!!

Once back on trail I was met by my first Park Rangers who were out doing some maintenance and checking permits/bearcans. I passed the inspection 👌.

After making it back up the 2 mile side trail (Trail Pass) to the PCT I happened to meet Paparazzi, Dutchie and Verde who had been at Kennedy Meadows a few days before. Snow in shady areas are getting bigger now and begs for some creativity. Paparazzi made this snow man 👍.

Today was a short 5 miles in terms of PCT mileage but a long day! Zina, Simon, Jeremy and Siesta showed up a few hours later having gotten a ride from town. Getting used to this block of hard plastic bearcan and other new weight I was ready for bed.

Tomorrow Crabtree Meadows at the base of Mt. Whitney.


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