Day 52, 750.8 to 767.8 Crabtree Meadows


I think today was an altitude adjustment as I really felt sluggish and out of energy all day. It could just be a symptom of being in town but Lone Pine is 3737ft, Chicken Spring Lake is at 11,220ft and today ended at 10,643 at Crabtree Meadows. As we arrived Henry and Morgan were leaving having summited Mt Whitney earlier today.

Found a little 2ft tall tree growing out of a crack in this huge boulder. If it stays alive I wonder what it’ll look like in 10 years.

Slow moving creek near the Crabtree Meadows junction, many trout can be seen. I’m thinking a fishing pole might be in order when I get into Washington!

We decided to do a sunrise summit of Mt Whitney(the tallest point in the lower 48 at 14,505ft) tomorrow which means getting up at 12:30am. An early morning night hike seems like an interesting change of pace. We’ll take our packs with just essentials; sleeping bag, water, snacks, microspikes.


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