Day 58, 835.6 Muir Pass to 858.8

6/6/18, 23.3 miles

This morning we were up early about 4am using headlamps since reports said that the southern and northern snow fields were miles long. It would be 3 miles on the south approach and 5 miles on the north decent. By 5:40 we had to cross about 20 yards of 6″ deep water so the rest of the frigid morning and afternoon will be in wet feet!

I think Muir Pass was probably the toughest pass so far due to the long ascent/decents. Or it could also be that all this climbing is draining what energy I have left!We also just barely got off the snow before postholing started. We lost Doe Doe today as well, looks like he kicked into high gear and went further ahead. I know his wife would be joining him soon to finish out the PCT.

Fortunately my resupply at Vermillion Valley Resort is now 20 miles away as I only have a packet of coffee, 5 oatmeal packets for tonight and some Lifesaver candy! I didn’t account very well for added calories being used with all this climbing!

A photo as the sunrise hit this peak with the moon above.

Flowing snow melt.

This view is looking upward and steep, notice the switchbacks.

Finally the Muir hut and summit is in sight!!

I layed on the floor of the hut to take this picture of the ceiling, I liked the geometry of it.

Here is one of several water crossings today. Notice the rocks to step across and there are 3 hikers on a big boulder on the other side ready to give applause if we don’t fall in.

This is Evolution Creek (alternate route), it was a slow moving stream and came up to high thigh!!


4 thoughts on “Day 58, 835.6 Muir Pass to 858.8

  1. Boy, what challenges you’ve come across in the past few weeks and handled all of them well. The pictures are beautiful, makes me feel I’m right there. Thank you for posting I look forward to reading them.
    Keep focused and take care.


  2. Fantastic photos Mike! Hard to imagine we fly over all that territory now and then and don’t realize how beautiful it all is. Love ya😉


  3. Love the pictures, Mike. Your fortitude is amazing and I keep thinking what awesome memories you are creating for your family and friends. Love you. Auntie Paula


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