Day 57, Mather Pass 814.6 to 835.6

6/5/18, 21 mile day.

Ok! Soooo I survived cowboy camping at +11,000ft last night but wasn’t very comfortable. The wind came up lastnight and I couldn’t keep drafts away. It also seems that a mild sleep apnea can happen at this altitude, Nocello noticed it as well. Needless to say it was a long night with little quality sleep. However, the clear skies, stars and moon low on the horizon was strange. Usually the moon is high but I guess not from viewing it up here?

I also woke up this morning with ice on my quilt! I do like my bedroom views though!

This view is the final path leading over the snow ledge. The last few feet are like walking up a ships ladder.

I believe this is Taco coming up over the ledge. Opposite view from above picture.

View looking South from where we came.

Here we are headed down the northern side.

Headed way down this valley, next will be Muir Pass somewhere in the distance.

I’m always impressed with how clear and inviting these streams are, just want to float down them. Trout are always there to be seen.

The daily routine of drying out tents, bags etc.

This afternoon my head was on a swivel for some reason watching my back for animals. Turns out I just needed to look forward as a Marmot decided to prank me by running around a corner towards me!

Then Nocello, Doe Doe and I also had a bit of excitement from a rescue helicopter that landed within 40 yards of the trail. A hiker had fell while crossing Pinchot Pass the other day and continued to hike injured. The medic thought it to be a compartmental leg injury? I forget the man’s name that was taken away, he had thru-hiked the PCT before and was in good spirits. This is the first rescue I’ve seen and heard of others on this trip.


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