Day 55 & 56, 793.5 to 802.6 and over Mt. Pinchot to 814.6


Day 55 was an easy 9 mile day going from campsite to a campsite below Pinchot Pass. I wasn’t going to try another afternoon pass crossing. I arrived at camp early at 2:00pm which was nice to relax a bit and review my food, it’s looking like I will be cutting it close to make it to the next resupply at VVR. My thighs are really sore after all of yesterday’s climbing so it’s good to have a short day.

At 6:30 several more hikers passed by and a few are now camped in my area. One of them is Draggin, I met her back at Warner Springs (mile 109!).

Wow the royal treatment a suspension bridge across the Kings River.

More rock and log hopping to try and stay dry!

Day 56, Pinchot Pass and our 24th wedding anniversary! I was up at 4:00am today and started walking to Pinchot by headlamp.

Looking back from where I came.

Here is where someone postholed, 3ft deep. The snow is firm enough this morning that I’m able to walk on top fine.

Taking a break on the way down!

I met up with Nocello(left) and a new guy DoeDoe(right)

Time to dry out our shoes and socks!

Nocello and Doe Doe watching trout in the stream. Doe Doe tried out his fishing lures but had no luck.

Here is our campsite for the night at 11,132ft approximately 1.5 miles from Mather Pass. We opted to cowboy camp tonight, it’s clear skies and going to be cold! This is the highest I’ve ever cowboy camped.

Me in my blue 20 degree quilt, wishing for a 10degree mummy bag about now. Tonight will be interesting!

Nocello in the red bag.

Doe Doe in the green bag.

Happy 24th anniversary to my wife Kelly😘❤️! It’s been awhile since our last communication at Kennedy Meadows and looking like a few more days before having cell service 😔. Its been an amazing 24 years with you, Missing you!! And can’t wait to see you in Tahoe. Loves.


2 thoughts on “Day 55 & 56, 793.5 to 802.6 and over Mt. Pinchot to 814.6

  1. Way to go Mike! So many adventures, the stars must be amazing at night! You got this, one foot in front of the other! Pat (Tracy’s sis)


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