Day 66 and 67 972.4 – 1016.9 Sonora Pass Hwy into Bridgeport

Day 66 again had many water crossings and 2 were over knee high. Not much happening today except mosquitos are worsening.

Groupies at my door again.

Day 67 6/15/18

Early morning valley fog before full sunrise.

There were a few miles of swampy trail like this to hop around trying to keep feet out of. It was hopeless, the morning frost on the grass wetted my shoes anyway.

Another 100 behind me, 97 more and I get to see Kelly!

Getting to Sonora Pass was a pain in the ass. Several steep snow traverses, very high winds that would have blown me over if not for the trekking poles.

At Sonora Pass you have the decision to go to Bridgeport 30miles away or to Kennedy Meadows (north) 8 miles west. As I understood Kennedy Meadows has no cell/wifi or other phone services so I opted to head to Bridgeport with Nochello. Fortunately we got a hitch by two college kids fresh on summer break!

Off to the restaurant for a burger and a pizza for Nocello. We decided to save $100 on a hotel and stealth camp somewhere outside of town. We were up at 5am and tents up at 10pm. Nocello noted that today was his toughest day on trail, I’d have to agree.

Main Street Bridgeport.


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