Day 68, 1016.9 – 1027.7

We were up again early at 5am in order to get tents down by sunrise before neighborhood eyes caught us. We walked to the shell gas station thinking it would be open to get a coffee, nope not until 6am. We stood waiting out front and the attendant came out to empty trash cans by the gas pumps. As the attendant passed we both said good morning, but he ignored us not saying a word! Another customer walked up from the neighborhood nearby, again we said good morning and this person ignored us!

Still not opening time the Sheriff pulled up went in the back way got his coffee and parked across the street, maybe watching the two homeless men 😁. So far the only friendly person in town has been the bartender were we ate last night. Finally open we got our coffee, choked it down yuk…..there is a bakery opening soon that has espresso so we headed there and we’re 3rd in line! 2 rasberry and cream cheese filled crossants and a mocha for me thank you!

After getting 2 rides out of town we were back to the trail by 10:30am which is pretty good considering the distance and apparent distaste for hiker trash.

The day ended with 10.8 trail miles. 64.6 more miles until Echo Lake/Tahoe to see Kelly, 2 zero days and shave this damn beard off!

I came around the corner to find ice cold cola!!! Thank you whomever you are!

The rocks have been changing to volcanic over the past few days.

Still some deep snow on shady trail areas.


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