Day 70, 1050.7 – 1073.2

6/18/18 22.5

Since I’m headed into Tahoe and Nocello is continuing on we said goodbye to each other. It’s been great getting to know him and also have some nearby going over the Sierra’s, he’s a great guy. I’m pretty certain our paths will cross again soon. See you soon Nocello!

I really thought I’d be done with snow by now! 😜

The Carson Pass Visitor Center below happened to have a weight scale. I’ve been wondering since the hotel in Tehachapi what my weight is. In Tehachapi I was down 15 lbs, now I’m another 15 lbs… total of 30lbs loss! The Sierra’s took as much out of me as the entire rest of the trail. I obviously didn’t account for all the added calorie intake needed.

This is Ginger and Todd, they had blueberries, pretzels, pop and brownies had just been dropped off by another trail angel.


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