Day 71/72/73/74, 1073.2 – 1090.7 and Kellyyyyyy!

6/19/18. 17.5 miles

Today was a lazy day considering the miles were under 20. Kelly surprised me getting here a day earlier than I expected! 😁 She even brought beer and macaroni salad which I promptly consumed. Hugs, kisses and tears ensued of course.

Harrah’s buffet desert! Wow

On Friday Day 74 my brand new shoes broke just before getting on trail so we had to drive back to Tahoe and find new shoes. On the way we picked up 5 PCT hikers and took them to Tahoe. Kelly brought her famous Carrot cake that I couldn’t eat all of and donated to them before we left.

Here is the aftermath of Sierra’s on my shoes.

After getting the 2nd pair of shoes I was back on trail by 11:30 on Friday 6/22 and ended the day 17 miles later at 1107.6. alot of section hikers today and more mosquitos.

Echo Lake docks

Dicks Pass, lots of snow still on the north side.

It was so great having Kelly around again and sharing my off trail days. Although it seemed like most of the time was shopping for resupply items and gear we did make it to a movie and I drove my truck which maybe I shouldn’t have. Looking at navigation while driving is not the same as while walking!!! I’m super homesick today walking on trail…😔 Kelly has really made this hike smooth with home support! Thank you love you ❤️


One thought on “Day 71/72/73/74, 1073.2 – 1090.7 and Kellyyyyyy!

  1. Okay…..this post brought tears to my eyes!
    You made it this far so good……you will make second half look easy!
    Gotta get more calories in though! Any way you can do that?
    Love you , miss you!
    P.S. Kelly, you “rock” girl!!


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