Day 76, 1135.8 – 1160.8

6/24/18. 25 miles

Today there were a lot of day hikers and I crossed Hwy 80 at a crowded rest area. People at the rest area looked at me like I’m a homeless person. Purposefully not making eye contact with me, it’s definitely a different perspective on this side. The rest area has vending machines so I bought an ice cream but it got stuck in the screw thingy so I had to shake the machine. Oh great look at this homeless guy getting rough with the machine!🙄

Meet Chris and Rick, they gave me two ice cold sodas! Thank you!!

It’s a strange feeling to walk down the trail with a cold drink!👌

Tunnel under Hwy 80

This is my accommodation for the night, the Peter Grubb Hut here. I slept on the green mat in the picture below. The hut has been outfitted with solar lights. When I arrived there was a couple eating in here. The girl thought the cabin was a bit to creepy to sleep in tonight so they decided to set up their tent.

I could see how creepy this could be at night but I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try. Like all buildings the cracking noises of expansion started as the sun went down. There was a scary movie I watched before getting on trail of a cursed cabin in the woods some hikers stayed in, “The Ritual” I tried to get those images out of my head. Mice kept me up most of the night though.


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