Day 79, 1207.3 – 1232.1

6/27/18. 24.8 miles

Last night I slept poorly, sore throat. My initial thought is from all the heavy breathing climbing out of Sierra City. I felt tired and weak all day, taking it slow. I started the day at 6:30 and set up camp at 7pm.

I saw my first bear today as I rounded a corner. It saw me before I saw it and had already starting to run away. This was a cinnamon color”Black” bear and about 35 yards away on the trail. I’m amazed at how fast they can run uphill over all the logs & brush! We wouldn’t stand a chance in getting away from them if they were angry.

Coming around another corner I startled (ok we were all startled) a doe and fawn on the trail about 10 yards in front of me. The doe went up hill and fawn downhill. Again I started talking to the doe and it walked to with in 10 yards of me to veer slightly back onto the trail behind me.

Today I saw about a dozen hikers and I could tell that two mountain bikes are in front of me. I had just missed seeing the vehicle at the top of a long decent down to A-Tree spring. When I arrived at the spring two other hikers mentioned talking to the bikers. The bikers said they were scouting the PCT for maintenance issues. Based on the lengthy skid marks they left behind I’m not so inclined to believe that story. I could be wrong but I think overall the PCT is for hikers and horses.

Getting to sleep tonight and my sinuses are plugged at 7:30😔. It’s going to be another sleepless night I think…

I saw this curved tree that was making 90 degree shadow bends.

Getting water straight from a spring. Just jab a steel angle into the ground haha.


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